Your own adventure in a steampunk world! Find mysterious Alexander Cooper and unravel secrets in the city of Staighrem.

Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? is a choose-your-own-adventure game about a steampunk world. The unraveling of secrets, unexpected encounters, the assembling of various mechanisms, and all this is under a chasing by a bunch of criminals!

This is a story about the adventures of Wilson Smith in the huge industrial city of Staighrem. The main character gets into a dangerous and totally incomprehensible situation. A friend of Wilson died in an exploded pub and before his death had asked to find Alexander Cooper and give him a cyphered letter. After that criminals started to hunt for the hero and he decided to find Alexander and try to understand what's going on?
  • Travel across thirteen districts of Staighrem, getting in a wide variety of situations.
  • Assemble amazing devices that will help in your adventure.
  • Find mysterious Alexander Cooper and help to save the city from the impending threat.

To scroll the city map just click and drag it.

Your support is very needed! There are a lot of things to do: more adventures, arts, items, and new gameplay elements.

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Like this game, but I think you should try making this game into an action-RPG